Our Mission is to create a better quality of living within the metropolitian area of Indianapolis by means of affordable rental,transitional and interim housing for women, families and persons of Domestic Violence/ HIV AIDS within the
10% to 80% Median Family Income Levels.
We hope to reclaim neighborhoods  and provide clean, safe living enviroments .

Our Mission
Are you aware:

Many women Veterans face challenges when returning to civilian life that are different from those of their male counterparts, including raising children on their own or dealing with the psychological after effects of events such as military sexual trauma. These issues, without intervention, can put women Veterans at greater risk of becoming homeless.
According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Access to housing is an important precursor to getting many people into a stable treatment HIV care regimen. People who have barriers to regular care are less likely to receive optimal antiretroviral therapy. Both women and men with HIV can be at risk for partner or family violence, which can affect adherence and stability in  necessary health care requirements. This housing will allow for the treatment of special emotional and mental needs, safety, and counseling for persons who are at an increased level of violence and danger once separated from their batterers.