Our Loving Arms Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was formed to create a better quality of living within the metropolitan area of Indianapolis, Indiana, for persons of Domestic/HIV/AIDS, who are able to live independently.

We are  developing a transitional and interim housing program  in a scattered site  residential environment   for those who are at risk of being homeless or recently homeless due to Domestic Violence/HIV. We will also provide educational information regarding Domestic Violence and HIV to the community and those we serve.

When victims leave abusive relationships, finding a safe place
to stay is critical since leaving is one of the most dangerous
times for victims. Shelter and housing continue to be two of the
key services that programs provide. Without shelters or transitional
housing, many victims face the unimaginable choice of
either becoming homeless or returning to their abusers.

According to The National Network to End Domestic Violence organization

Our Loving Arms
Our Loving Arms Reaching
Out to Give Hope to Women,
Families and Persons of
Domestic Violence/HIV